Enchantrix Weekly: April 17th – April 23rd


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #156



We brought back the Featured Mistress Day for Arousing April. If you have ever used our service before, you will get 10 Free Minutes with the ladies on their special day. This means  FREE  minute calls for you because, yes, you can speak to each Mistress on her special day!



 Site of the Month for April



get naked for us



Don’t miss out on your chance for free phone sex with Mistress Harper on Wednesday April 19!!!

Don’t forget that on Wednesday, April 19; you can get ten free minutes with Mistress Harper! All callers who’ve done a paid session with us qualify, so grab your dick and your phone and give me a call!

Mistress of the Day Harper April 19

It’s Mistress Stephanie’s Birthday, too, so double your fun and set up a two Mistress call with both of us! Maybe we’ll let you listen in while we have some Mistress-on-Mistress fun together.





All month long, she’s giving out gifts! Sexy and very naughty gifts!
Free sexy email exchanges, the naughty image of Ms. Erika, 31 days of intense cock stroking assignments, and how you can win 15 free Femdom minutes and more!

Check out all the fun you can have with Mistress Erika in April – Free Femdom Minutes


Help Ms. Stephanie Celebrate Her Birthday All Month Long



April is Ms. Stephanie’s birthday month, and she plans on celebrating with you for the entire month! It’s not just about gifts for Ms. Stephanie, though. She has some wonderful things in store for you! Check out her blog here to learn more.



A Special Gift for You from Ms. Mandy – 10 FREE Birthday Minutes

“So here is how it will work. You will get 10 free minutes added onto any 20-minute or longer call, text, or Skype session in the month of your birthday. In order to get your 10 free birthday minutes, you will need to inform me in advance of our session of both the month and date that you were born. This needs to be done prior to the call to guarantee that you are not charged for these 10 free birthday minutes. I will be keeping a spreadsheet to make sure that you get your 10 free birthday minutes. And to make sure that any naughty little clients out there don’t try to sneak an extra 10 free minutes!” – Mandy


















Podcast and Radio Show News


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Join your hostesses, Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika






Enchantrix Weekly Issue #156