Enchantrix Weekly February 22nd – 28th


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #43



February Mistress of the Month is Ms. Claire!


Read more about Ms. Claire on The Daily Cock.

Find out about her Mistress of the Month special below!




Mistress Cassandra’s Anniversary is This Month! 

“This month is my anniversary month with fabulous LDW, and for the rest of the month, every one-hour call gets a free ten minutes (limit of 20 minutes free)! Just tell the dispatcher when you call in, and she will add it to your one-hour call. You must use it on that call.” Visit Ms. Cassandra’ blog: www.thedicktator.com/cocklock




Mistress Claire is showing her appreciation for being chosen as February’s Mistress of the Month by slashing 50% OFF all of her kinky assignments. Yes, this includes the ones she designed with Ms. Hunter (cumeating), Ms. Kellie (chastity), and Ms. Delia (anal training). And if you’re an Enchantrix Perks member with 400 points, you can use them for $20 off, which makes most of them free for you!




Specials in the Assignment & Audio Stores


Mistress Hunter has some of her audios marked down to $20.00! And did you know you can cash in 400 Perks Points for $20 to use in the audio store?  What are you waiting for!

Mistress Hunter and Mistress Casey are offering you $10.00 off their 3-month Humiliation Assignment Calendar Bundle right now!

Mistress Rachel helps you keep that stroking going by allowing you to purchase any of her Sexy Audio in our audio store for 50% off right now! (including ring tones for just $2.50)

You can check out EnchantrixAudios.com and PhonesexAssignments.com to find amazing offers from many of our Mistresses.



Thanks for Joining our Month of Love