Enchantrix Weekly: February 27th – March 5th

Enchantrix Weekly Issue #149


Expires 2/28/2023





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Body Worship 101







Well, aren’t YOU lucky! Goddess Mandy and Mistress Scarlet are teaming up again to celebrate their LDW Anniversary for the entire month of March! They’re giving you 5 free minutes on top of any scheduled 30 minute session! You also get to ‘double dip’ because LDW is offering $10 off all 30 minute calls! You’ve hit the jackpot! Read this blog post for more details and to see how to schedule the hottest call you’ve ever had! (Begins 3/1/23)




Mistress Ryan is offering Sexy Texting sessions via SKYPE,

 and you can get some free sexy time, too! 




Assignment and Audio Specials



Mistress Olivia and Erika Present:

Sissy In-Depth Probe Package



Sissy, it’s time to be probed!

Our Sissy quiz and in-depth probe package are exactly what you need.  First, your quiz, where we evaluate you as a sissy. Olivia and I love love to really get to know you and your quiz questions are fun and informative! We will find out, are you a curious, new sissy? Maybe you’re a very experienced sissy slut? Most likely you are somewhere in between. Let’s find out with this quiz, send in your results, and schedule your probing sissy session. Then it’s erotic confession and sissy fun time!

Find out more about Mistress Erika and Olivia’s Sissy Probe Package!  






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Enchantrix Weekly Issue #149