Enchantrix Weekly June 21st – 27th


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #60


We need your input!

We are in the beginning stages of planning a stroke-a-thon for the Fall of 2021. This event is where YOU get to stroke on cam for multiple Mistresses at the same time!
We need some input from you so please check out this Post https://bit.ly/3iIvk6x on Ms. Constance’s blog and vote in the poll here   https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RVMSSJY



Happy Birthday, Tori!

June 23rd



June Mistress of the Month is Ms. Hannah



See her Mistress of the Month post on The Daily Cock 

You can check out her blog Teasing Temptress.com for specials this month

and don’t forget to follow Goddess Hannah on Twitter






Miss Brighton’s 6 Year Phone Sex Anniversary

Miss Brighton is celebrating 6 years with LDW, and she is offering you FREE

 phone sex if you celebrate with her! For all the details, read THIS.



Celebrating 12 Years of Kinky Phone Sex

June is Ms. Hunter’s anniversary, month so she is offering a bunch of awesome specials throughout the month!

Here is a summary of all Ms. Hunter’s specials:

ALL Skype callers who call me in June automatically receive 5 free minutes!

ALL Sexy Texters who session with me in June will automatically receive 5 free minutes!

Every 12th caller through dispatch or C2C will receive 5 free minutes during the month of June (but only if they leave their call open. If it is a cutoff call and they happen to be the 12th caller, they will not get the free minutes.)

My assignments in the Phone Sex Assignment store will be automatically discounted 10% in June.

My audios in the Enchantrix Audio store will be automatically discounted 10% in June.

(For all the details, click HERE)



Double Your Kink with Mistress Cassandra and Mistress Cecilia

Enchantrix Weekly Issue #54 May 10th - 16th

They are doing an on-going special on 2 Mistress calls:

Buy 30 minutes and get 5 mins free. If you purchase 60 minutes with both of them, you get an added 10 minutes free! (Free minutes must be used during that call.) Double down and get double the deviant deliciousness!



Special Announcement from Goddess Mandy

See her post for all the details




Our Site of the Month for June







Podcast and Radio Show News


Mistress Erika has joined The Hot Spot podcast team!  

Check out the sexy and informative podcasts at the Weekly Hot Spot.




Assignment & Audio Specials


Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Mistress but you couldn’t talk on the phone? Assignments and emails from your Mistress are options for you! Details can be found HERE.



Mistresses Delia & Claire wish all of you a deliciously BUTTASTIC summer and want to do their part to make it possible. Thru Labor Day weekend, you can pick up their amazing Anal Training Program for just $35 – that’s about half-price! The program goes for 7 weeks, and by the end of that time, you’ll be ready for anything – real or silicone



Mistress Scarlet has a new audio for all you cuckolds: Beta Cuck Training! For all the details, read THIS. Then visit the audio store to make your purchase. You know you can’t resist!



June is for Giantess, and Mistress Erika is waiving the script fee, for any Custom Erotic Audio’s 15 min or less, when you commission the project in June. Check out her Strokers Rewards Page for more!




Mistress Hunter has some of her audios marked down to $20.00! And did you know you can cash in 400 Perks Points for $20 to use in the audio store?  What are you waiting for!

Mistress Rachel helps you keep that stroking going by allowing you to purchase any of her Sexy Audio in our audio store for 50% off right now! (including ring tones for just $2.50)


You can check out EnchantrixAudios.com and PhonesexAssignments.com to find more amazing offers!




Enchantrix Weekly Issue #60