Enchantrix Weekly: January 10th – 16th


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #89




This week we have 2 Happy Birthday wishes to send out!

Ms. Riley on January 11th

Ms. Parker on January 13th








For January, Ms. Mandy is giving you a FREE 5 or 10. Free 5 or 10 what you ask? Well, minutes of course, minutes of her time, and she is gifting them to you in this silly little rhyme. So here is what you’ll need to do for her, READ THIS for more!







Mistress Becky is offering 10 free minutes to anyone who purchases a package of 60 minutes or more in sexy texting.

That is 10 more minutes of cock pumping, dirty talking, fantasy sharing orgasmic fun, at absolutely no cost to you at all! You can use the promo 1x/day for the entire month of January! 






Mistress Ryan is offering Sexy Texting sessions via SKYPE,

 and you can earn some free sexytime, too! 

Every paid texting session earns an entry to potentially win more free texting minutes!
You can read all about this fantastic giveaway by clicking the graphic below!

Enchantrix Weekly Issue #88



Sissy Charm School 2022 with Mistress Riley

For all the details regarding Ms. Riley’s Sissy Charm School, read THIS


Podcast and Radio Show News


Check out the sexy and informative podcasts at the Weekly Hot Spot



Assignment & Audio Specials




Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Mistress but you couldn’t talk on the phone? Assignments and emails from your Mistress are options for you! Details can be found HERE.





Mistress Hunter has some of her audios on Sale! And did you know you can cash in 400 Perks Points for $20 to use in the audio store?  What are you waiting for!


You can check out EnchantrixAudios.com and PhonesexAssignments.com to find more amazing offers!



Enchantrix Weekly Issue #89