Enchantrix Weekly: January 23rd – January 29th


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #143







 Site of the Month for January


Stroke for Me






Celebrate Ms. Riley’s Birthday

With a Special Something All Month Long!

“Don’t you wanna start your new year with doubling your pleasure? I bet you do.

I have a naughty threesome audio I’m giving away to all callers who do a two-girl call with me and any other mistress. Isn’t that hot?

A two-mistress call and a steamy audio in one go will certainly perk you up.”







A Special Gift for You from Ms. Mandy – 10 FREE Birthday Minutes

“So here is how it will work. You will get 10 free minutes added onto any 20-minute or longer call, text, or Skype session in the month of your birthday. In order to get your 10 free birthday minutes you will need to inform me in advance of our session of both the month and date that you were born. This needs to be done prior to the call to guarantee that you are not charged for these 10 free birthday minutes. I will be keeping a spreadsheet to make sure that you get your 10 free birthday minutes. And to make sure that any naughty little clients out there don’t try to sneak an extra 10 free minutes!” – Mandy








Ms. Becky is Baaaaaack!

“I’m back and just positively aching to speak with you. I have been dealing with some unforeseeable events to kick off the new year, but now that I have that squared away, I am ready to once again be worshipped and adored, and most of all, obeyed!

To that end, I will give you 5 FREE Minutes for every paid www.sexytexting.com 20+ minutes purchase you make now through Jan 31st, 2023.

And don’t forget to join me on Tuesday, January 31st from 11 AM – 3 PM to celebrate my birthday with me! “







Calls and Balls Every Sunday During Football Season



Call Dispatch and get 10% off your call between 10 am and 10 pm est



Mistress Ryan is offering Sexy Texting sessions via SKYPE,

 and you can get some free sexy time, too! 






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Podcast and Radio Show News



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Join your hostesses, Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika





Assignment & Audio Specials



Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Mistress but couldn’t talk on the phone?

Assignments and emails from your Mistress are options for you! Details can be found HERE.


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Enchantrix Weekly Issue #143