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Enchantrix Weekly Issue #111



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June Anniversaries






Dispatcher Kim





Make sure to wish them each a Happy Anniversary!






                                                                                                          Enchantrix Weekly Issue #110

Happy June! This month I am celebrating 7 years with LDW, and offering a couple of goodies for you. The first is free minutes if you purchase a session of 10 minutes or more this month, and the second is a free gift you might be unaware of if you haven’t purchased my Masturbation May gooning calendar. Find all the details HERE.


10 days of CBT for Ms. Lilly’s birthday

Your adorable, diabolical Mistress has a fabulously naughty way for you to celebrate my birthday! 10 days of CBT leading up to the big day itself. If you’re joining the countdown after June 9th, just stack some of the daily assignments together and catch up.

We’ll be counting down from 10–with mini CBT assignments each day until my birthday


See your first 3 days of assignments on Ms. Lilly’s Blog at eroticphonemistress.com


Mistress Ryan is offering Sexy Texting sessions via SKYPE,

 and you can earn some free sexytime, too! 

Every paid texting session earns an entry to potentially win more free texting minutes!
You can read all about this fantastic giveaway by clicking the graphic below!


Enchantrix Weekly Issue #88



Enchantrix Weekly Issue #104 - HAPPY DOUBLE PERKS POINTS DAY

Keep your eyes open for our Double Perks Points Days! 

Click the photo for more details.

And if you aren’t signed up for our Perks Program – you can do that Right here!

And if you want the early heads up on the day, don’t forget to join Enchantrix Empire.



Podcast and Radio Show News


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Assignment & Audio Specials





New from Duchess Willow– “What does it feel like to be stripped of your masculinity and turned into my personal leather-clad bitch? The Ebony Leather Mistress trains a new sissy, and decides to forgo the route of frilly pinks and satin and lace, dressing her sissy in leather. The leather sissy even gets a new girl name. You can find my new ebony femdom audio, in the phone sex audios store, along with my other erotic file offerings.”





Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Mistress but you couldn’t talk on the phone?

Assignments and emails from your Mistress are options for you! Details can be found HERE.


You can check out EnchantrixAudios.comand PhonesexAssignments.com to find more amazing offers!



Enchantrix Weekly Issue #111