Enchantrix Weekly May 25 – 31

Enchantrix Weekly

Welcome to the next edition of Enchantrix Weekly!  Updating you on the fun and sexy things happening around the Enchantrix Empire.


We have TWO Mistress birthdays coming up this week:  Ms. Alina (May 30th) and Ms. Misty (May 31st)

Promotions and Contests

Beat (off) Your Isolation Blues

Ms. Alina has decided to do all she can to make the isolation days go a bit faster and to reward you for your generosity. You get FREE minutes on skype with EVERY SESSION you book. Details HERE.

Masturbation May Blog Train 2020

You can climb on board for the start of the ride with Ms. Brighton right here.  And ride along with a new blog every day from a different Mistress, all month long.

Thirty Ways to Masturbate with Mistress Erika

It’s that time of year again, Masturbation May, and Ms. Erika has a 30 ways to masturbate task list! She has lost her mind, at least that is what she was told, by offering you something almost unheard of: The opportunity to orgasm with EACH TASK! Now, pick yourself up off the floor and read on.

Mistress Claire’s Kinky Comment Contest

You can compete in the Kinky Comment Contest all month, with prizes and freebies for her  ‘frequent flyers’ as well as ‘cleverest commenters’.  Find out all about it here!

Specials in the Assignment & Audio Stores

New Assignment: Line Writing for Naughties!

Whether you get an erotic kick out of writing lines or believe in old-school punishments for behavior modification, Ms. Claire has you covered! She just released an assignment package for naughty boys like you, and it’s at a special launch price of $14 until June 5.

New eBook:  Ms. Audrey just added a new Giantess Lockdown ebook! 

It’s for Cuckolds, Humiliation Addicts, those in need of SPH as well as Giantess fans.  Ever wonder what it’d be like to be a captive in the Jack-Off room and forced to compete with another guy during a wild milking session? Or how it would feel to sneak a peek at your favorite Dominatrix having LOUD sex with her well-endowed boyfriend while you watch like a fly on the wall? Does being humiliated for your microscopic penis drive you wild? Do you want to lay on the sole of Ms. Audrey’s foot, climb her thigh, and slide down her breasts? And finally how does falling in love with your beautiful bitchy captor who uses you ruthlessly sound? Only a tiny penis piggy loser can tell you his side of the story. All this and more in GIANTESS LOCKDOWN. You can purchase it here.

Mistress Erika is having an awesome sale on masturbation assignments .

Designed personally by her to keep you stroking all month long.  Some assignments are over 50% off, but special pricing only lasts through May, so don’t wait!

Mistress Claire has a special in honor of giving up self-love during Masturbation May.

A 20% discount for the rest of the month on her  “Weekly Chastity Supervision” assignment package.

Mistress Hunter and Mistress Casey are offering you $10.00 off their 3-month Humiliation Assignment Calendar Bundle right now!

Mistress Rachel is helping you keep that stroking going by giving you the opportunity to purchase any of her Sexy Audios in our audio store for 50% off right now! (including ring tones for just $2.50)

You can check out EnchantrixAudios.com and PhonesexAssignments.com to find amazing offers from many of our Mistresses.

Check back next week for more updates!