Enchantrix Weekly October 18th – 24th

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Enchantrix Weekly Issue #77


This week:

Cassidy – Brighton – Olivia – Harper – Rachel – Willow – Andi – Roxie -Daphne



October Mistress of the Month

Ms. Daphne

Find out more about her here

LDW’s Mistress of the Month Daphne continues her deals throughout COCK/LOCK/BRA-tober!

Each paid 30-minute call or email session gets 5 FREE minutes!
Each paid 60 minutes call or email session gets 10 FREE minutes!
And for the NEW Callers (including those she has not spoken to in over a year!), the first 10 paid minutes gets you 5 minutes FREE!
She said she is having so much fun reconnecting with callers and having those extra FREE minutes with all her callers. She hopes even more of you will take advantage of her MotM specials. 






Ms. Alina has a promo for October and it’s a fun one!

You need to tell your dispatcher you want the promo to get your treat or it will be a trick on you!

 You can get all the details on her blog EroticPhoneSexCalls.com

Mistress Cassandra welcomes you to Cocktober/Locktober with 10 free minutes with every 60-minute call for the whole month of October.
Try some chastity training with creative edging sessions, orgasm denial, ruined orgasms, anything to do with cock control.
We can lock you in chastity for a whole month or edge you mercilessly for a whole hour plus 10.
Make an appointment, or simply call in.
Her schedule will be posted on Twitter daily.


Mistress Ruby has created her own perks VIP program! It’s for VIPs to her but also to those of you who are brand new!

Get all the details here, on her blog.                                      CockDomme.com



Ms. Phoenix!

Miss me when I’m not around? Have no fret… you can now text me directly anytime you want! Whether it’s just to talk about your day, being denied, teased or if I’m feeling really naughty, a sexy pic or video sent straight to your phone. Find all the details and how to purchase HERE.






 Site of the Month for October






Podcast and Radio Show News


Check out the sexy and informative podcasts at the Weekly Hot Spot.




Assignment & Audio Specials


Have you ever wanted to communicate with your Mistress but you couldn’t talk on the phone? Assignments and emails from your Mistress are options for you! Details can be found HERE.





Mistress Hunter has some of her audios marked down to $20.00! And did you know you can cash in 400 Perks Points for $20 to use in the audio store?  What are you waiting for!

Mistress Rachel helps you keep that stroking going by allowing you to purchase any of her Sexy Audio in our audio store for 50% off right now! (including ring tones for just $2.50)


You can check out EnchantrixAudios.com and PhonesexAssignments.com to find more amazing offers!




Enchantrix Weekly Issue #77