Final Wicked Wednesday This Week


When you call in and purchase a session with your favorite Mistress you may just win a sexy prize from one of the ladies! The dispatcher will inform you if you are a winner, what your prize is, and how to redeem it. **Please note: all prizes must be collected or redeemed by the end of May 2020*

There are over 20 prizes that will be given out every Wednesday and we are down to our last one, but that doesn’t mean we’ve given away all the awesome prizes! We still have free phone sex calls with a participating Mistress or free audios! Here is the list of ladies who have prizes up for grabs;

Ms. Scarlet, Ms. Hannah, Ms. Audrey, Ms. Willow, Ms. Claire, Ms. Molly, Ms. Cassidy, Ms. Brighton, Ms. Delia, Ms.Harper, Ms. Phoenix, Ms. Erika, Ms. Alina, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Hunter, Ms. Mandy, Ms. Constance, Ms. Jenna, Ms. Bethany, Ms. Tia, Ms. Fiona, Ms. Alyssa, Ms. Violet, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Lena, Ms. Andi, Ms. Lillith, Ms. Kellie

Thanks for joining us every Wednesday for Wicked Wednesdays, and let’s have some fun while you get a chance at some free sexy prizes!