Tag Team Training with Erika and Constance


Ms Constance and Ms Erika are offering a great tag team training program. All you need to do is commit to a month long ( 4 weeks) of calls and let the ladies do the rest.

Here is how you participate

Sing up via e-mail copying both Ladies and let them know you are interested and what type of training you are looking for. Once you make your first call to one of the ladies your training will begin

You commit

To doing 4 calls in 4 weeks ( 1 call a week) with one of the ladies so week one with Erika week 2 with Constance. Of course you have to commit yourself to the training they give you as well.

Your training

On your first call your training will begin and your session will involve the training you had asked for in your mail. The ladies will then each be sending you 1 e-mail a week with instructions and follow up and you will also receive 1 audio a week from one of the Mistresses recapping where you are. Of course this also will involve the ladies privately meeting to discuss your training.