Virtual Sissy Soiree


  • Start: May 12, 2017 7:00 pm
  • End: May 12, 2017 10:00 pm

We are having a Sissy Soiree In our virtual world!!
May 12 from 7pm to 10pm eastern in our Virtual World.
Check out how to sign up now, so you can be ready for this fabulous party. You know how much fun it will be to strut your sissy self in front of many Enchantrix Mistresses, so let’s get you sexy. Most importantly, there are contests and Prizes.
Contests and Prizes:
1. Best Sissy Bonnet – You have to find a sissy hat that suits you. Pink, floral, a bonnet, or something else that shows your style!!
Prize: 500L Gift Card to Blueberry Clothing (Do you know how MANY adorable things you can get there? Oh yes!
2. Best Cocksucker – Are you a sissy who LOVES to suck cock? You will have a chance to show off your skills. And in the Virtual World, yes, you REALLY can suck cock!
Prize: Cock Thirsty Cum Dumpster Trophy (We will take pictures of you holding it and show those off too!)
3. Best Sissy Strut – Are you sexy? Love those high heels? Want to show off that hip sway? This contest is for you!! Show us your Sissy Strut!
Prize: Wearable Ruby Jeweled Butt Plug (I mean, how SEXY is that!)
Remember the Date & Time is Friday, May 12th from 7pm – 10pm Eastern. Get signed up and ready for this First EVER Sissy Soiree!